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The LundehundObrazek is a very interesting and unusual dog breed not just because of its unique characteristics. The real Lundehund has to have at least six toes on each foot.  These are real toes which one of them is three jointed and the other two-jointed toe with fully developed flexors and extenders.   

Quite different is also the  Obrazekmain footpad on the hind legs.  It is elonged and has to lead all the way to the pads of two inner toes.

Another specialty is high flexibility in their shoulders.  Lundehud´s fore legs can be stretched out the side and because of this flexibility they have a special way of moving.  It looks like they paddle with their fore legs, drawing a circle in the air.   

The other very flexible part of lundehund´s body is their neck.  They can bend their head backwards over their shoulders. 


The Lundehunds can also close their ears by bending Obrazekthose forwards Obrazekor backwards with just a little space left open on the outermost part of the ear. 




The Lundehund can be a very good company for just about anybody.  If you treat your Lundehund right he will be whatever you want him to be.  They are very attached to their owners and they love to be with them they also like children and are very gentle with them.  They are extremely loyal and will show their love to their owner in all the ways and all the times.  They like to follow you anywhere and because of their small size they can easily accompany you whenever you go.  If you take your Lundehund for walk to the nature, you will not need a leash they will always stay by your side.  They may be interested in mice hunting but they always know where you are and keep you in sight or within earshot.  The Lundehunds also have their own way to communicate with you they would jump up and touch your fingers with their nose while walking or bump into your calves just to let you know that they are there.  Often they will come to you and will rub their head and nose against your legs or pressing their nose in your hand to get some attention from you and telling you they want to be petted.  They do it the same way as cats do.  Owning the Lundehund is like having a cat and dog in one.  Another similarity with cat is their way of plying they chase toys or food with their paws and throw them in the air just like cat or fox would do with mouse.


The Lundehunds are very smart but also can be a bit stubborn.   They learn quickly and they also have very good memory.  The major rule is to work with your Lundehund, not against it.  Be patient and gentle with your dog otherwise you will have to deal with a huge problem.  Lundehunds do not forget bad experience and may take a while to trust you again.


If Lundehunds are in danger or are frightened they make special and very scary sounding noise.  Hearing this scream for the first time is an unforgettable experience.
The Lundehund does not require very much grooming. You only need to brush them when their coat sheds, otherwise hardly at all. They do not need much bathing. Their coats seem to be resistant to dirt. Once or twice a year is enough. If you attend dog shows you can wash off the white parts a few days before the show.

The Lundehund has 38 teeth, other dogs have 42 teeth. All bites are accepted at shows, except for heavy undershot. Colours: Various colours of red-brown and black with white markings. In the past there were grey and black dogs with white markings and white dogs with brown markings. These colours don't exist anymore.